Research Projects, Research Support Cores, and Enrichment Cores

CRECE uses a holistic system of research, training and stakeholder engagement to study how mixtures of environmental, psychosocial and other exposures affect growth and development from gestation through early childhood in Puerto Rico.

CRECE is organized into three interrelated transdisciplinary research projects and three cores. This includes two biomedical research projects, one environmental health research project, two research support cores and one enrichment core. Integrating data from health assessments, biomedical and toxicogenomic lab analysis and environmental quality studies, data is both shared with the research project leaders and trainees, and with the community through the Community Outreach and Translation Core (COTC).

The Human Subjects Core (HSC) and Community Outreach and Translation Core (COTC) are the key integrators of the center’s activities and results. The Human Subjects Core provides a centralized resource for CRECE’s three research projects to obtain data and samples from study subjects, and environmental samples linked to those human subjects. The Human Subjects Core processes, archives, and distributes collected samples and data to investigators in all projects to promote sharing of data and resources across Center projects. The COTC serves as the interface for the entire center with the community, health agencies and local organizations. As part of that role, the COTC facilitates educational and outreach opportunities that engage researchers across the Center in interactions with study participants, healthcare practitioners, educators, parents, public health and environmental agencies, and the broader public. In carrying out these functions the Cores promote communication, collaboration, and integration across all components of CRECE. Learn more about the integrated CRECE components by visiting the links at left.