On May 19, 2017, Dr. Gredia Huerta-Montañez was awarded the “Environmental Champion Award” by Region 2 of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Annually, the award is presented to “individuals and organizations who have contributed significantly to improving the environment during the prior year” in their prospective EPA Region.

The EPA had the following to say about their choice of Dr. Huerta-Montañez for the Environmental Champion Award:

“Dr. Huerta-Montañez is well-known throughout Puerto Rico for managing clinical cases of childhood lead poisoning and providing top care and coordination to families dealing with the aftermath of pervasive lead exposure. Since 2012, she has served as the first clinical Environmental Pediatrics Fellow for the Puerto Rico Pediatric Environmental Center in San Juan. Her work in Arecibo triggered a special interest in environmental factors that influence children’s developmental and behavioral health and she is currently working to promote Integrated Pest Management practices in public and private schools.”

Thanks, Dr. Huerta-Montañez, for all of your hard work this year. The CRECE Team is lucky to have you!

Plaque of Dr. Huerta-Montañez which reads "U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Environmental Champion Award, For Exceptional Work to Protect the Environment, Presented to Gredia Huerta-Montañez, Center for Research on Early Childhood and Development in Puerto Rico, 2017

Plaque awarded to Dr. Huerta-Montañez