CRECE team members attended the 2017 NIEHS/EPA Children’s Centers Annual Grantee Meeting held on October 24-25 in San Francisco, CA. The jointly-funded EPA/NIEHS Children’s Centers Annual Meeting serves as an opportunity for researchers working with Children’s Centers funded by these agencies to discuss recent research and scientific achievements. This year’s meeting was hosted in conjunction with the Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Units (PEHSUs). The meeting also allowed attendees to form new networks and potential collaborations with each other as well as with “community, state, and federal partners to positively impact public health.”

Team members in attendance at the meeting included Akram Alshawabkeh, José Cordero, Carmen Vélez Vega, Gredia Huerta-Montañez, and John Meeker. In addition, CRECE Scientific Advisory Committee member Ángeles Acosta Rodríguez attended the conference. Many of these attendees made contributions to the meeting ranging from presenting on posters to giving talks.

Children’s Center Directors, including representatives from CRECE, shared updates, successes, and details about exciting research being conducted related to improving children’s health. The events included a poster session in which John Meeker, Leader of CRECE Project 3, and José Cordero, Leader of CRECE Human Subjects Core, presented on research related to exposures to triclosan in pregnancy and increased inflammation (image and pdf below). Carmen Vélez Vega, Co-Leader of CRECE Community Outreach and Translation Core, presented on Environmental Health Education for Health Professionals during a session titled “Tools targeted to Medical Professionals.” The event served as a great chance for making community connections, leading to many fellow attendees expressing interest in collaborating with CRECE in the future on issues related to environmental health.


To see the poster in a high resolution pdf, click here.