On July 10th-11th PROTECT, CRECE, and ECHO researchers from Northeastern UniversityUniversity of Michigan, and University of Puerto Rico came together to discuss research progress and protocol harmonization across the three projects. The meeting was held at the University of Michigan where researchers discussed the Puerto Rican cohort participant visit schedules, forms and questionnaires, data questions, and reviewed current PROTECT and CRECE questionnaires in comparison to ECHO’s. The researchers discussed pressing questions, set priorities for each project and shared a group dinner The meeting was a follow up to the June Researcher Meeting and a great success; everyone is excited for the continued collaborative work on these projects and potential impacts on the island’s population.

University of Michigan – Lobby
L>R: John Meeker, Francheska Fernandez, Ishwara Ayala, Zaira Rosario, Dave Kaeli, Zlatan Feric, Luis Agosta, Gredia Huerta-Montanez, Emily Zimmerman, Deb Watkins